Wine and Art Share the Spotlight at Wine by the Bay

When Stefano Campanini decided to bring together two of his greatest passions—art and wine—he did more than just drink some Bordeaux and visit an art gallery. Instead, the long-time gallerist—and co-founder of Miami’s Etra Fine Art gallery—brought this fitting duo to the entire Miami art community by opening Wine by the Bay, a fine art […]

Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos Explores the Palm Authority Project

Born in Greece, raised in Paris and currently living in New York, self-taught sculpture and installation artist Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos has carved out her own artistic identity in a variety of unique climates. For her newest installation, the Palm Authority Project, Kosmatopoulos explores the individuality of the self by placing it—metaphorically and somewhat literally—in society’s hands. […]

Miami SOLO Makes Its Debut

Whether you’re an artist, dealer, collector or enthusiast, there’s no better place to be this week than in Miami, Florida, when nearly 20 art shows converge in conjunction with Art Basel Miami Beach—including Miami SOLO, presented by Artexpo. With so much to see and so little time to see it all, Miami SOLO’s approach is […]

Say Hello to a New Wave of Palettes

Say Hello to a New Wave of Palettes

“Artists are the most creative group anywhere in the world. And yet a staple tool, the artist palette, has lacked innovation for centuries.” That’s Kyle O’Brien, co-founder with brother Keith of New Wave Art, who is bringing the same sort of imagination one usually finds in a painting to the palettes artists use to create […]

Carol Christie Gets Better With Age

“If not now, when?” asks artist Carol Christie of the perfect time to shift gears in one’s career and artistic sensibilities. It’s a question the Atlanta-based artist, who is best known for her exuberant florals, began asking herself as she approached her 65th birthday in September. “I have always wanted to paint more abstract work,” […]

The Art of Online Promotion

Whether you’re an individual artist, gallery owner or publisher, selling fine art can be a tough business. Any artist can tout him or herself as the newest, hottest thing on the market, and any gallery or publisher can claim to represent the next great art world phenomenon. But there are two things that separate the […]