10 Creative Marketing Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Over the 20 years that I’ve been an art dealer, consultant and custom framer, I’ve tried many techniques to attract new customers. Here are the most effective ways to increase awareness and sales and brand your business as your area’s premier art destination. 1. Establish your image Your Website, brochures, business cards and invitations should […]

Selling Your Art From A to Z

Passion is an intense motivator. You have chosen a career in art because that is what you are truly passionate about… but passion is the easy part. The difficult part is maintaining the business you love—especially in the toughest of economies—through the proper understanding and appreciation of the art of sales. Having spent more than […]

Art in the Workplace: Targeting Corporate America

From logos to taglines, branding is everything in Corporate America. In order to help establish and promote a specific corporate identity, more and more companies are turning to marketing gurus and PR wizards to help with everything from choosing the perfect logo to writing press releases. Just as indicative of a company’s visual aesthetic is […]