Tracking the Buzz on Art Licensing

Tracking the Buzz on Art Licensing

Discovering trends in the art licensing business—seeing what’s new and meeting and greeting new contacts—is the main attraction at Surtex® and the Licensing Expo, the country’s two most important shows for art licensing. The 2012 editions of both events were well attended and upbeat, with exhibitors and attendees growing their contact lists and nurturing potential […]

Top 10 Priorities for Marketing That Counts

What makes marketing stand out in a crowded marketplace? Is it the brand or the way it is positioned? Perhaps you have never realized it, but you are a brand unto yourself and everything you do is a reflection of that brand. But realizing that truth is where marketing that really counts begins. Think about […]

To License or Not to License? That Is the Question…

To license or not to license?” It seems to be one of the eternal questions of emerging and established artists alike, as well as agents, consultants, gallery owners and art dealers. The licensing industry is by no means new, and there have been a number of artists—Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Jim Shore, Paul Brent, Mary […]