Maia Lynch’s ‘Campground’

Maia Lynch’s fragmented acrylics are rich with color and wistful nostalgia. She’s one to watch: The artist received her master’s degree in fine arts from the School of The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston this year and was nominated for several awards in 2012. She also recently received the Für Bildende Künste fellowship in Hamburg, Germany; was awarded a Dana Pond Award Honorable Mention in painting; and was nominated for the Dedalus Award in Painting.

Inspired by her father’s dry sense of humor and her family’s Japanese-American summer camp, Lynch’s most recent series, “W_I_T_H_M_Y_F_I_N_G_E_R_S,” encapsulates the disassembled visions of memory.

See more in ABN’s Winter 2013 “On Our Radar” feature.


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