Natalie Westbrook’s ‘Whisker Kiss’

Natalie Westbrook’s ‘Whisker Kiss’

Artist Natalie Westbrook captures the impressions of plant life as it relates to the human body, evoking the connection and mutability in nature.

“In the primordial pool, genes bump into genes, join together and mutate,” she says in her artist’s statement. “My work focuses on the kinships and volatilities of disparate organic life, filtered through psychological expression.”

Westbrook received her MFA in painting and printmaking from the Yale School of Art and has exhibited throughout the East Coast. Her numerous grants and residencies have included the Cooper Union Summer Artist Residency, the Carol Schlosberg Memorial Prize for Excellence in Painting, and the Haleakala National Park Artist Residency in Maui, HI.

Acrylic, graphite, and collage on paper
28″ x 22 in”


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