Work of the Week: Johnny Taylor’s The Age of...

Work of the Week: Johnny Taylor’s The Age of Flight #3

Johnny Taylor's The Age of Flight #3, 2012

“For me, there isn’t a car fast enough or a house big enough to justify spending your life doing anything that you don’t love.” For Johnny Taylor, that dream career is art—and it’s one he’s been pursuing since the age of 10, when he got a job producing a comic strip for a local newspaper. Since those early years as a young artist, when his main sources of inspiration were MAD Magazine, Star Wars and KISS, the Memphis-born artist has put in the hours to hone his artistic skill. On New Year’s Eve of 1992, Taylor set himself a task: He would paint three paintings a day, every day, for a year. Though his output has understandably declined in quantity since those art-intensive twelve months, the same cannot be said for its quality.

Now a resident of Los Angeles, Taylors’ art is “inspired by the stuff I see day to day—graffiti, murals, hand-painted signs, graphic design, vintage advertising, store displays, package design.”

Such is the case with The Age of Flight #3, ABN‘s Work of the Week. Created with acrylic paint, spray paint and marker on a 48×48” canvas, the piece was inspired by a vintage print airline advertisement dating from the 1940s. Its layered look is a common motif in Taylor’s work, attracted as he is to “the look of things that have been painted or covered over but still [show] what’s underneath. I like it when I see graffiti that’s been covered up, and the paint doesn’t quite match the wall color. You can see the irregular edges of the stroke, like the edges of torn paper.”

Taylor’s art has been displayed in galleries and private collections around the world, including in Boston, Los Angeles, Memphis, Santa Fe and Zürich. To find out more about the artist and check out his complete portfolio, head to or visit him on Facebook at


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