One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Masterpiece

“Sustainability.” A beautiful buzz word that has been floating around arts and crafts communities for decades, it refers to environmentally-conscious artwork created using material that, to the average observer, may just look like junk. Whether created with scrap metal, old furniture or discarded paint, sustainable art has environmental, economic and social implications—even if, for the […]

Fact: Art Is An Olympic Sport

For several decades the Olympics—that bastion of athletic ability—also featured artistic competition. At the 1912 Stockholm games, the first of the modern Olympics to include arts, there were Olympic gold medalists in Architecture, Literature, Music, Painting and Sculpture.  

Gone Hollywood: Getting Your Art on a Film or TV Set

Ah, Hollywood. The glittering lights, the movie stars, the red carpet galas… For artists who have always harbored a secret desire to break into the film industry, enrolling in potentially humiliating acting classes or buying a camera you might never use are far from being your best options. As someone who has devoted your life […]

Five Tips for Building a Thriving Gallery Business

When it comes to running a successful art gallery, the formula isn’t as simple as “location, location, location.” Like the subjective nature of the art form itself, there is no one easy solution for building a business that thrives. “We don’t believe that one single strategy is the silver bullet for success,” says Cristi Smith, […]

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