Vincent Castiglia Sheds Blood for His Art–Literall...

Vincent Castiglia Sheds Blood for His Art–Literally

Vincent Castiglia’s Stings of the Lash, 2005, appearing at Sacred Gallery NYC

Some use oils. Some use acrylics. World-renowned surrealist Vincent Castiglia uses blood. His blood, to be precise. The first ever American artist to receive a solo exhibition invitation from H.R. Giger, the Oscar-winning artist behind the design of Alien, to his H.R. Giger Museum Gallery, Castiglia is bringing his work to his native city of New York for the solo exhibition Resurrection, opening at Sacred Gallery NYC on October 4th.

The exhibit will cover Castiglia’s career from the very beginning , when he first started working with his unusual material of choice, to now. “This exhibit is the culmination of a lifetime of searching and posing many questions through images, making declarations of truths uncovered and pouring a myriad of emotions, conflicts, and bliss into these coagulations which delineate all aspects of the past decade of my life,” explains the artist, more of whose work can be found at

For more on the exhibit, which will kick off with an opening reception on the night of Thursday, October 4th and run through October 31st (Halloween—fitting, no?), visit

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