Work of the Week: Roland Morin’s New York Ci...

Work of the Week: Roland Morin’s New York City Lights

Of New York City Lights, one of Baltimore-born artist Roland Morin’s recent works, the artist remarks: “There is much color in this world. There is much darkness in this world. Which do you choose?”

Indeed, the power of light to dispel the darkness of the world is a theme that can be seen throughout the work of this abstract expressionist, recently named one of ABN‘s Top 50 Emerging Artists of 2012, who sees art as a means to do just that. Morin brings brightness and joy to viewers through his use of vibrant colors and a clean, simplistic style. In creating his art, his goal is to strip away many of the complexities of modern living and share his own positive, uplifting world view.

“Let’s face it, the world is not a simple place to live in anymore; therefore, why should we, as artists, make our artwork any more difficult for people to understand and accept?” asks Morin. “I find it a challenge to express myself without the use of many colors. It is fun for me to explain myself in this format.”

Morin’s artistic positivity is in evidence in New York City Lights, which portrays the iconic bright lights and hustle and bustle of the Big Apple using Morin’s signature bold colors and modern style.

More information on the artist and his extensive portfolio can be found at

  1. Stephanie

    7 August

    Roland, where are you….

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