Work of the Week: Jesus Arturo Gardea’s My Present, Right Now 1-19

Inspired by Keith Haring, Jasper Johns, Frida Kahlo and Jean-Michel Basquiat, there’s a dichotomy in the work of University of Texas at El Paso Fine Arts graduate Jesus Arturo Gardea, the result of his penchant for a childlike view of the world, coupled with the often-violent environment in which he grew up. The result is […]

Must-Have Apps for the Artistically-Inclined

iPhones. iPads. Tablets. The variety of portable electronic devices out there—and the many artist-friendly apps available on them—make it so that you can be just about anywhere and never get caught flatfooted when inspiration strikes. Here are some of our favorites. Adobe Color Lava ($2.99), Eazel ($2.99) and Nav ($1.99) for Photoshop Working with Photoshop […]

Hitting the Walls in Miami’s Wynwood District

  What happens at Art Basel doesn’t always stay at Art Basel. In 2009, in tandem with Art Basel Miami Beach, Goldman Projects’ founder Tony Goldman and Jeffrey Deitch, current director of Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art, debuted Wynwood Walls, an outdoor art park that featured a dozen murals created by some of the […]

Playing the Art Market: Citibank Guides Collectors Through Section 1031

“Art is an investment” is a cliché for good reason. Because for some collectors, that Mark Rothko piece hanging above your desk is the creative equivalent of 10,000 shares of Apple stock purchased at the $6 mark. Just as other commodities are bought and sold, so too is art. When it comes to capital gains, […]

And Art for All… GE Capital’s Win-Win Luxury Financing Program

It’s a familiar scenario: You walk into your local big box electronics retailer and, while admiring the impossible-to-miss, state-of-the-art 3-D home entertainment system on display, one of the store’s helpful salespeople informs you that you can take that very same system home with you today and pay no interest until 2013… Now imagine you’re at […]

Work of the Week: How Time Flies, by Abbie Kozik

At the heart of Abbie Kozik’s art are two points: One, there is beauty in resilience and survival. Two, to know beauty, we must experience what is ugly. Kozik’s inspiration springs from the balance in nature between growth and destruction, beauty and ugliness. How Times Flies depicts the destruction-growth dichotomy of beetle kill. Kozik, recently […]

Work of the Week: Dogus Interruptus, by Jeff Leedy

Wait! This is ART! I’m not supposed to laugh, am I? Yes you are, because this art is by well-known fine art humorist Jeff Leedy, who defines his work as “The collision of the Impressionists and The New Yorker.” Leedy won a gold medal in the New York Society of Illustrators’ first Humor Show, beating […]

Chalk & Vermilion Fine Arts Experiences “The Pleasure Principle”

Chalk & Vermilion Fine Arts has loaned two oil paintings—La Dialectique appliquée and Les Grands rendez-vous—and a 1950 sketch by renowned Belgian surrealist René Magritte to “The Pleasure Principle,” a traveling exhibition that just completed a run at the Albertina Museum in Vienna. Featuring 250 works from public and private collections throughout Europe, North America […]