Work of the Week: Dean Loucks’ The Art of Mo...

Work of the Week: Dean Loucks’ The Art of Motoring Circa 1910

“I call my signature method of painting ‘The Art of Removal,'” says artist Dean Loucks of his unique style, in which he utilizes an array of unique materials and tools—including paints, reducers, thinners, a paint gun, razor blades and an airbrush—to give his subjects an organic, vibrant feel. “The great thing is that you can never predict the exact results from either the chemical or mechanical tools, which is exactly why each piece is as unique as a fingerprint.

Among Loucks’ unique pieces is The Art of Motoring Circa 1910, for which he utilized 148-year-old barn wood and acid-sprayed copper.

“The paintings are changing from just a composite board with paint on it to copper,” says Loucks. “Acid washes with spray guns and paint guns to dribble it on like painting on copper, I got a few projects pushing that envelope.”

After he co-founded The Art of Design in 1990, Loucks launched the Dean Loucks Fine Art Collection in 2009. Earlier this year, the Indiana-based artist opened his first gallery, Dean’s Place, in his home city of Granger, featuring his fine art and custom furniture.

Dean’s Place is located at 918 E University Drive in Granger, Indiana. For more information, visit or call 574-241-0101.

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