10 Must-Follow Tweeters

Twitter. Though it may be hard to tell sometimes, this .com phenomenon is filled with more than just succintly-worded snark and daily updates on the lives of celebrities. For inhabitants of the art world in particular, Twitter can actually be useful. For creative advice, business tips, news and inspiration—all in 140 characters or less—check out these 10 must-follow Tweeters.

This Twitter-based companion to ArtBabble.org, a community Website launched by the Indianapolis Musem of Art, provides easy access to an extensive array of video content, including artist interviews, gallery tours and a series called “The Tool at Hand,” in which artists are invited to create a piece of art using a single tool. (Trust us, it’s harder than it sounds.)

Whether your primary interests are in the political (“Is China Bracing for a 2012 Art Market Correction?”), financial (“Zhang Daqian Surpasses Picasso to Become the World’s Best-Selling Artist”), social (“Should We Let More Artists Starve So Some Can Succeed?”) or just downright bizarre (“Damien Hirst Will Force Monkeys to Make His Art for Him”) aspects of the art world, artinfo.com’s Twitter feed has you covered. Now you have no excuse for being uninformed.

Keep up with the latest goings-on in contemporary art culture courtesy of the critics and culture reporters at The New York Times. From photography and painting to the inner-workings of New York City’s world-class museums (plus theater, literature, dance, music, TV and film), the writers at the Times’ ArtsBeat blog provide well-reported, up-to-the-minute coverage. (Would you expect any less from The Gray Lady?)

The Twitter arm of interactive online art gallery Artaissance posts pieces from their online collection with weekly features like “Wall Candy Wednesday” and “Fabulous Friday.” Part of the fun of clicking is that you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get, making a visit to @ArtThatFits a perfect daily ritual for artists in need of a dose of inspiration.

Catch up on the quirky, off-the-beaten-path stories, trends and artists defining the modern art and design spheres
@designtaxi. Even the more serious-minded stories (“Reinvent To Stay Relevant”) linked on their oft-updated Twitter feed are presented in a fun, highly engaging fashion.

Sculpture artist Gary Cooley uses his Twitter feed to share photos of his in-progress works, giving followers a behind-the-scenes look as he transforms foam blocks and rough clay figures into his signature bronze pieces. While Cooley’s Twitter feed is updated fairly infrequently (a work of art takes time, after all), his willingness to invite strangers to witness his artistic process (“Doing the patina on a lion bust. It’s very hot from the torch. Getting the right combo of chemicals, it’s great.”) is refreshing.

Artist and design specialist Ginger Hartford’s Twitter feed is an invaluable resource for any artist, as it provides an array of design advice, hanging and framing tips, inspirational quotes and, of course, pictures of art that range from the serene to the energetic.

This Brooklyn-based museum addict’s Tweets are filled with “Museums. Art. History. Art History. Education. Museology. Historiography. Logophilia. Punnery.” With posts like “But now, I’m thinking maybe I should match my top to
@metmuseum buttons. Or maybe my socks…” and “Visiting a museum a day is a lot easier than visiting 365 museums in a year!,” this Tweeter’s sheer enthusiasm will inspire you to get out and explore the art your own city has to offer.

Theartblog.com was established in 2003 by Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof to “bridge the gap between ordinary people and art.” That’s a promise that their Twitter feed delivers on, providing an inside look at the diverse array of galleries, workshops and special events to be found in the duo’s hometown of Philadelphia. But the feed is useful for non-Philadelphians, too; regular news updates and book and art film recommendations make clicking “Follow” a worthwhile proposition for any art fan.

Pursuing one’s love of art is great, but if you want to be able to feed yourself without having to take an office job, you’ll need to find ways to make some money from your passion. As anyone who has tried this knows, it’s easier said than done. @WorkYourArt provides “A fun and actionable business course for the ambitious artist” and is a goldmine of tips for the right-brained set. ABN

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