Artist to Artist: How To Establish a Daily Creative Ritual

I decided to get this out of the way up front with this, my first column for ABN. Normally I try to avoid this topic, probably because it is not one of my own strongest qualities. I try—I really do—but if I don’t remind myself constantly, I fall back into old habits. But after all […]

Craft Shows Go Avant-Garde in Westlake, Ohio

The phrase “craft show” brings to mind a number of images, some of them possibly involving middle-aged moms in cat sweaters perusing long aisles of knitted potholders and earrings that required a glue gun as a creative tool. But the 2012 Winter Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show in Westlake, Ohio is definitely not your mother’s […]

Art in the Workplace: Targeting Corporate America

Art in the Workplace: Targeting Corporate America

From logos to taglines, branding is everything in Corporate America. In order to help establish and promote a specific corporate identity, more and more companies are turning to marketing gurus and PR wizards to help with everything from choosing the perfect logo to writing press releases. Just as indicative of a company’s visual aesthetic is […]

The 10 Most Inspiring Cities

Movement, stillness. Light, darkness. People, places. History, present, future. Inspiration comes from a variety of sources and reveals itself in many forms. But conscious or not, place is a key part of any artist’s ritual. Whether it’s a city you’ve visited once in your life or a special hideaway you take off to every year […]

Inside the Outsider Art Fair

It is a general trend throughout history that where there are people, there are people making art. With a world population of approximately seven billion people, that roughly translates to a heck of a lot of art. So it goes without saying that there are countless talented artists who go unnoticed throughout their lives. But […]